Can a cps case be transferred

Can a CPS case be transferred to another county?

The local government of the county can transfer your case, and you can also transfer the case with the court’s permission.

It is obvious that simply moving to another state or county cannot be used to excuse you from the offense you committed or the allegations made against you. There might be complexity in the procedure, but you are still on the list of offenders.

Here, we will briefly discuss whether a CPS case should be transferred to another county or not.

How to transfer a CPS case to another country?

A man may face allegations of child abuse or neglect, but for the sake of his work or other important reasons, he has to move to another county.

As a first step, you can discuss your problem with the caseworker. If you can make him satisfied and if he is willing to take steps to transfer the case to another county, it will relieve you of the difficulties.

But if the caseworker or local administration is not willing to transfer the case, you have to face difficulties such as appearing in the county where CPS will conduct their investigations.

Remember, in most counties, and this is not a regular duty of the CPS to transfer the cases. There are fewer possibilities in transferring the cases, so you are fortunate if they become agreed upon.

Most of the time, they prioritize where the children live over where you live.

Despite the fact that cases are transferred on a regular basis in many countries, the children will not be brought to that state. So the visitation will create difficulty.

You have another way to transfer your case to another county with the court’s permission. You can get the court’s permission by showing these below reasons.

  • Transferring the case is so necessary
  • Case filed in the wrong court
  • Possibility of not getting the fair justice
  • Inconvenient situation to produce the witness

However, these may vary from county to county.

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