How to get a cps case dismissed

How to get a cps case dismissed in Tennessee?

Firstly, try to satisfy the CPS, and if it does not work, then try to satisfy the court in the next part.

It is a big headache for you if you are under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) and you want to get rid of the case. On the other hand, the fact that you are subject to the CPS implies that you are subject to some constraints.

Keep in mind that you must fight the CPS legally, not illegally. Here, we will discuss the methods for resolving CPS cases.

Get a cps case dismissed in Tennessee quickly

  • Be calm and quiet

As a first step, the CPS can come into your home and investigate the case. You should speak politely to the CPS and answer all of their questions. That is what they believe if you can convince them that nothing happened. Show all of your evidence to them to show that their suspicions are baseless.

  • Be vigilant on their move

Be wary of their investigative methods and keep an eye out for any errors that occur during the course of the investigation. Also, be cautious about your rights and what they entail. These will assist you in the subsequent legal process. 

  • Consult with the lawyer 

If the CPS proceeds further, you have to appoint a lawyer who is well-versed in operating the family laws.

  • Help the lawyer prepare all of the evidence and arguments.

Help your attorney prepare evidence to counter the allegations and provide all the necessary information to prepare the best arguments.

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