Can a closed CPS case be reopened and used against you

Can a closed CPS case be reopened and used against you?

The Child Protective Service (CPS) of the United States is widely regarded as the safeguarding agency for the protection and safety of children. For the purpose of securing the safety of the children, they are empowered with many things. People have lots of questions about this government agency.

Can CPS reopen a closed case?

Many of us have a common question: whether the CPS can reopen a closed case or not. The answer is yes. There are lots of reasons that trigger CPS to return to your family.

As they are empowered with many things, the power to reopen the case is one of them. Basically, if a case is closed, it is closed, but the CPS has to observe the child’s guardians after the case’s conclusion. They can reopen the case for the purpose of securing the safety and protection of the child.

Here, it is not a matter of determining in what situation and to what extent the case was closed.

It is not possible to get rid of the CPS completely after getting in touch with it. After the accession of the CPS, they will be connected with the family, though the case is closed.

CPS can reopen the case if the things intervening to that matter are happening consequently. We cannot say the SPS does it in hardly any cases; it is the common scenario of family matters in the United States.

Failing to the basic needs

If the parents cannot supply the basic needs to the child, that is a matter of the interference of the CPS, and they can take it into their consideration.

Reason for the mental health

After closing the case, if the CPS finds that there are many reasons for treating the child’s mental health or that it is still in danger, they can reopen the case on the reason of it.

Reason for the neglect

The allegation of neglect and the investigations are made to secure the child’s safety and proper care. If the CPS finds that, despite closing the case, the parents still pay for the child’s neglect, they are bound to return to the family again.

Reason for the abuse

After closing the case, if the cps finds that the child is still being abused by the parents, they can again reopen the case.

At last, we can say that if new things happen, new allegations may arise, and if new allegations arise, then once again, the CPS will appear. If new things happen, it will also affect the old, solved case.


  • Can CPS reopen a closed case in Michigan?

If the reasons on which the CPS can again interfere with family matters arise, then they are to reopen the case.

  • Can CPS reopen a closed case in Ohio?

Like other states in Ohio, CPS comes back to a family which earlier met the allegation of child abuse on the reason of something new happening that compels the CPS to come back.

  • How long can CPS keep a case open in PA?

The CPS is directed to complete the investigation process within 30 days, and if they fail to do so by showing the reason, they can get the extra 30 days in Pennsylvania.

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