What does it mean when CPS closes a case

What does it mean when CPS closes a case?

In the legal system of the USA, the CPS case is part and parcel. The child protective services agency conducts the investigation of the CPS case. Everybody who has a child should always be concerned about facing CPS.

What does it mean when CPS closes a case?

When cps finds information about neglecting a child or abusing them, within 72 hours, they respond to the call; however, if they need more time, then they extend the time. After completing the investigation, if they find that the offense has occurred and there are grounds to bring the charge, they make the case substantiated. On the contrary, if they find nothing to establish the case, they will make the case unsubstantiated. After making the case unsubstantiated, they close the case. When they close the case, they inform the alleged person that the case is closed.

However, if the case is substantiated and the court gets engaged with the case, then it is up to the courts and not the CPS to close the case.


  • How long do most CPS cases last?

The cps investigation is about to be completed within 45 days, but its time may be expanded if they fail to complete it within such a time.

  • Can CPS reopen a closed case in Texas?

The CPSS will begin another investigation against the alleged in Texas for the fresh complaint.

  • How long does CPS have to close a case in NY?

CPS has to close the case in New York within 60 days.

  • How do I get a CPS case dismissed in California?

You can get a case dismissed in California by convincing the CPS at the first visit to the home or by convincing the court that you are innocent and the case is baseless.

  • Can you sue CPS in Texas?

In Texas, you have the right to sue the CPS if they violate your rights in conducting the case.

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